Week 7: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Alright guys, we are throwing you a soft ball this week.  When I was little my dad would throw these tiny wiffle balls to help my hand eye coordination while hitting with a baseball bat. Then he would take a regular ball and throw it to me and it looked like a giant watermelon and felt so simple to hit.  The tiny ones were hard to hit, but the practice and work was worth the reward because it made my hand eye coordination become more refined. So we have been tossing you tiny wiffle balls these past couple weeks and now is your chance to see a watermelon.  This week is so simple of a date night that anyone can do it.  Maybe you have been following a long and wanting to start your own weekly date night but you can’t get your spouse on board or life just always seems to busy.  Some of you are probably exhausted from last week’s Valentine’s Day extravaganza.  We were pretty exhausted ourselves so for this week we decided to do something easy. We decided to take a break from our travels around the world and instead do something we used to love when we first started dating. We decided to have a movie night with an appetizer and smoothies.  There is so little cooking involved guys and this week we are going to show you that you don’t have to be too creative to have a great at home date night. The whole point of at home date nights is to set time away each week for you to spend quality time together.  So come join us this week as we take a step back in time.

The year was 2002 and I had met this Puerto Rican beauty queen who worked at Target.  We are proof that you can find true love just about anywhere. Anyways, as we first started dating I took her to see this movie called Undercover Brother. Don’t ask me why I took her to see this movie.  I can’t even remember wanting to see this movie.  All I knew is that I wanted to spend time with her and I had limited time because I was getting ready to go on deployment for 6 months.  It was probably the only movie playing at the time we showed up to the theater.  The movie isn’t what was important, it was later that evening when we shared our first kiss.  Now our first kiss wasn’t in the movie theater but later at a romantic lake, but you know the theater is where you feel a little safer to try some stuff, can I get an AMEN guys?  The theater is kind of dark and you are sitting close and you know, you get the courage to reach over and put your arm around her or grab her hand and pray she doesn’t pull it away or turn and look at you with dead eyes and say, “what do you think you are doing?”.  Yeah, you know that feeling, but that happens more in 7th grade dating (That never happened to me I swear.) Ok, back to that first kiss.  After the movie we headed off to this nice lake that has a boardwalk you can walk around. We probably walked around a bazillion times and you know, the anticipation grows, wondering if you will have the courage to reach over and grab that first kiss.  The butterflies were in a rage for both of us I think, and I almost didn’t go for it until the last minute when we got in the car to take her home. I pulled the trigger and that was that.  I’ll never forget that night and you shouldn’t forget those nights either. It’s healthy to look back and remember those times and ponder on them. It’s better though to make new memories with the person you love.  You can’t always be looking back to the way it was. You have to work hard to make it even better for the present.  So that was our plan.

The night started off great.  I actually got off work super early and I stopped off at the grocery store on the way home to pick up the items we needed and to pick up a movie at the RedBox.  We decided to make Sharp Cheddar Fondue and Strawberry Banana Orange Smoothies.  The movie we rented was The Maze Runner.  I thought I remembered someone telling me they had read the book series and really liked it.


I got home and was able to play a lot of games with the kids before bed.  This was great because I could run them ragged and they would get to bed early and easy.  I played some hide and seek with them and I might add that is the best game to play with kids when you have a couple of things to do.  I mean, you just count to 20 and they go hide.  You then yell out how you are looking for them but you are really sorting the laundry or picking up the toys. They don’t even budge for like 5 minutes.  Messed up you say? Efficient is what I like to call it.  So I was able to get a lot of the upstairs toys picked up and even was able to put a load of whites in the Laundry!  One day they will catch on but for now they think they are the best hide and seek hiders in the world.  I’m all about confidence building.

I finally found them (they were in the dirty laundry pile) and got them into the tub, washed, cleaned, fed and in bed by 8pm.   While they were in the tub I was able to jump into the shower and get myself ready for date night as well.  I was feeling great and couldn’t wait to just sit down and relax with the woman I love and hold hands while enjoyed a good movie.  When I came downstairs she was already on the couch ready for us to start the movie.  I was like, “Hey, you going to help with the Fondue?” She was like, “you are the Fondue and smoothie expert, I got the night off my love.”  Of course she was just messing with me and got up and helped cut up the bread.  Once the Cheese Fondue was ready we started the movie.


I really didn’t know what to expect but after about the first 20 minutes I figured this was some kind of post-apocalyptic movie.  I won’t ruin it for you if you haven’t seen it but it’s basically about all these kids with no memories stuck in this open grassy area and they are surrounded by these big walls. There is an opening in the wall which leads to this maze that opens during the day but closes at night. They have to be out of the maze by the time the sun goes down or they are trapped in the maze and die.  This one dude is all curious about going into the maze.  Now if that was me I would be like, “Oh, that’s the maze and people die in there? Yeah, I’ll be over where they wash the dirty laundry.” I would be doing it with a smile.  Of course that doesn’t happen and you will have to go watch the movie now if you want to find out what it is all about, but I do recommend the movie. It was pretty good and my wife liked it too.


We chowed down on the Cheddar Fondue pretty fast and about half way through the movie I reached over and said to my wife, “remember our first kiss? Remember the butterflies? Do you still get butterflies when we are about to kiss?”  which she replies with a big smile, “Those butterflies have turned into moths now.”  She has been hanging around me way to much because that is something I would say in a magical moment.  We both laughed and then I got up to make the smoothies.  Smoothies are so easy to make.  Every time I have one I’m like, “why do I not make one of these every day?”

Once the smoothies were done we started the movie again just enjoying being next to each other.  After it was over we were both pretty tired so we headed off to bed.  See, at home date nights don’t have to be hard.  When we first started at home date nights we watched a lot of movies and just did a lot of games.  It’s a good way to get started and in5 the routine. Once you form the habit and see how much your marriage is growing you will start to fall more in love with that person than ever before and then the ideas start flowing again, just like they did when you first met.  So, plan a day, get the items listed below and have your first at home date night if you haven’t already begun with us.  Taking the first step is the hardest, but you will never look back and you will wonder why you didn’t start something up like this sooner.  Well, another successful At Home Date Night on the books and another memory etched away in our hearts.

Remember to post pictures of your at home date nights using #Homedatenightduo. You can also like our Facebook page Homedatenightduo.  Following below will be a walkthrough, as always, of the recipes with costs and all that jazz.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.  Thank you so much for joining us.  Last week and old friend of mine texted me saying he made the chicken dish from week 5 for Valentine’s Day and it was a hit.  It was so encouraging to hear that my wife and I were able to give someone a good idea.   All we can say is thank you so much for reading and we hope to hear more great stories like that one of couples getting stronger in their relationships.

Cheddar Cheese Fondue


ITEM QTY Cost Notes
Sharp Cheddar Cheese 1lb bag $4.59 I bought it already shredded, going for easy here
Beer 12 oz $0.00 We still had the Beck’s from Week 1 because I’m not a Beck’s fan.  I would recommend getting some kind of other beer though because it wasn’t a good mix with the Cheddar, We normally use Bud Select.
5 grain Italian Bread 1 $2.19 Really you can use any kind of bread, just pick one you like and make sure it’s one of those long big baguettes

Total Cost: $6.78 if you have to buy beer go to publix and buy the single bottle for like $1.89. You could also use a non-alcoholic beer if you are pregnant or don’t drink alcohol.

Enjoyment Ratings:

Husband: 9

Wife: 9

This is usually a 10 but the beer brand didn’t give it the taste we were used to.


My wife and I have this little fondue pot for cheese’s and desserts. Now we have never used it for desserts before but maybe one At Home Date Night we will.  You don’t need one though. You can just use a normal ceramic pot.  First get the cheddar cheese and shred it.  If you bought the bag like I did you just fill up the fondue bowl about half way and then pour about 3 oz of beer into it and put it in the microwave for about 2 minutes.

Then get it out and stir it up.  You want it to be kind of soupy. Go ahead and start adding more cheese into the Fondue bowl all while continuing to stir.  Once it seems like it’s getting a little difficult to stir add a little more beer and then pop it in the microwave for another minute.

Pull it out and then repeat with adding more cheese, stirring, adding more beer, stirring, adding more cheese etc.  Keep popping it in the microwave for 1 minute intervals until all the cheese is melted.  If you used a bottle of beer it usually needs about ¾ of a bottle to be added into the 1lb of sharp cheddar cheese for a good consistency.

While you are making the cheese your wife and cut up the bread and put it on a little platter.  Cut up the bread into around 2 inch pieces.


Once the Cheese is ready, transfer your Fondue bowl over to the heater and grab your sticks and start stabbing those pieces of bread covering them with cheesy goodness.  Don’t forget to start the movie!

If you don’t have a fondue dish then you may have to repeat heating the cheese after about 5 minutes.

Strawberry Banana Orange Smoothie


ITEM QTY Cost Notes
Strawberries 2 cups $2.50 There are 4 cups roughly in a package
Banana 2 $1.57 I Still have 4 more bananas
Orange Juice 6oz $1.89 I bought a 12oz bottle
Milk ½ cup $0.00 You have
Water/Ice ½ cup $0.00 I used ½ cup ice instead
Vanilla Extract 1 tsp $0.00 You probably have and you don’t know it
Sugar 1 tsp $0.00 You get to ask your wife for sugar…how cool is that
Whip Cream Enough $0.00 We have, but this is optional…I like it, my wife doesn’t…..on a smoothie that is.

Total Cost: $ 5.96

Enjoyment Ratings:

Husband: 9

Wife: 9

Leftovers: I have enough to make one more !!!  going to do that right now


I forgot to add that you do need a blender, but I’m pretty sure everyone has one of these.  If you are married you know somebody gave this to you for a wedding gift or you wanted to start the next best weight loss diet and said, “yeah, green smoothies sounds great, I think I’ll try that 3 day cleanse.” Then you realize you would rather just not eat for three days.  So…yeah…you have one.

When you get home from work gentleman, cut up 1 banana and a cup of strawberries and put them in a little baggie.  Do this again so you have two separate bags with 1 cut up banana and 1 cup of cut up strawberries.  You don’t have to cut them up small just cut the strawberries in half and remove the green leafy part. Oh, and make sure to wash them or you will get smacked.  Put them in the freezer, that way when the kids are in bed and it’s half way through the movie you can pull them out and they will be sort of frozen.

Add the first bag of banana and strawberries into the blender. Then add the milk, ice, 3 oz of orange juice, vanilla extract, and finally 1 teaspoon or 5 teaspoons of sugar.  I did 3 for my wife and 5 for myself because I’m hypoglycemic and I need lots of sugar to function (I’m not sure that is an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan on my part.)

Now blend that baby up until everything is smooth…….ummmm….like a smoothie…MIND BLOWN !!!! that is why they call them smoothies !!!!  Ok…….I’m ok now…..  So after you are done blending put it in any kind of glass really and add some whip cream on top if you want.  Oh yeah, buy some straws at the store too. You can eat it with a spoon or just drink it, but it’s better with a straw.   Now do the same thing over again for the 2nd smoothie.

It makes a lot so be ready for it.  I don’t think you can save the stuff so you have to drink it all.  Don’t worry ladies; your man will be more than happy to finish it off.  You could also share a cup with two straws and make some magical moment when both faces are getting…….aaaahhhh nevermind just make two glasses.



ITEM QTY Cost Notes
Movie 1 $1.57 I actually don’t remember how much a redbox movie is because I never look.


Total Cost: $ 1.57 ….could cost more if you return it late….like me….2 days later.  This is why Blockbuster Video went out of business….no more late fees was there down fall.


Find the nearest Redbox and select the movie you want to rent. Slide your card and rent one. Go home and push the eject button on the DVD player.  It might be a little dusty because you’ve been watching Netflix for about 5 years now and you probably only use your PS3 for watching bubble guppies on Amazon Prime.  Make sure to turn the TV input to DVD.  Start the movie and watch all the previews and wonder what it would be like to actually go to a real movie theatre. We are pretty lucky because the house we are in had a projector screen already mounted on the wall and a projector set up.  The first time we saw the house and I saw that I said, “We will take it.”

About halfway through the movie take a little break and make the smoothies.  This will be a good time because you will probably be just getting over the massive amounts of cheese you ate about an hour earlier.  Enjoy the smoothies while you hold hands and watch the rest of the movie.  Try to put your arm around her even if you dare, but don’t blame me if you get dead eyes.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s little adventure and I hope to hear more about yours.  Have a great weekend!!

Total At Home Date Night Cost: $14.31  you can’t beat that !!!

Christmas Savings 2015 Shadow Box deposits

Option 1: $46.00 Total saved: $343.00

Option 2: $20.00   Total saved: $161.00

Option 3: $10.00   Total saved: $70.00

UNTIL NEXT WEEK…….Because your marriage is worth it!!!